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The Journey of a Community MVP

By Vipul Tiwari posted 01-26-2021 07:04


Vipul Tiwari is a senior developer at Fidelity International, and one of the first batch of Blue Prism Community MVPs.
Here he explains what makes an MVP and what he hopes he can bring to, and get from the role.

Vipul at work

What is the Blue Prism MVP program?

To start with, MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional. It is a brand-new program started by Blue Prism to reward the top contributors on the Blue Prism Community site.

Members of the MVP program are chosen yearly based on their participation on the Blue Prism Community and their technical understanding of the product.

By this they get access to an array of opportunities, including a private community, VIP treatment at Blue Prism Events, and entry into exclusive webcasts and feedback sessions etc.

Only the most helpful and engaged users are being invited to the program with the aim of recognizing those who share knowledge and help others on the site.

Most Valuable Professional Certificate

 Tell us about your career in RPA

It has been now almost three years for me, working in the RPA domain. And it was Blue Prism that I started my journey with. With my complete dedication and interest, I managed to clear The Blue Prism Certified Developer and then the Blue Prism Certified Professional Developer qualifications.

I participated in many RPA Hackathons and even won a few of them! Personally, I feel that this was the best way to learn the tool as it urged us to explore more and more depths of the tool and what difference could be achieved with each feature.

Vipul and colleagues talk RPA

After participating in Hackathons, I got the chance of judging them too. And getting the opportunity to Judge the Smart India Hackathon 2020 (both Software and Hardware editions) is something I feel as an accomplishment for me.

Vipul at a hackathon
Vipul's judge certificate


After moving into Fidelity International in 2019, Blue Prism has been my main RPA tool, due to which I got a chance to be an active member of the Blue Prism Community. I have frequent discussions with the team regarding the tools improvements and new features that will be a good to have. I have been an active member in the Community Page too. You can have a look at my blog too -

Maybe all this together is what made the Blue Prism think about my candidature for the MVP title.

How did you feel when you found out you'd been made an MVP?

I was first told about being selected for MVP on 5th November 2020 and just after reading the email, I read it again.

It was all a big surprise, something not anticipated and hence I was more shocked for the first part of it. It was in the second go that I could finally grasp the gist of it.

I checked out their website and other links on what exactly it is. And it was then I realized that it is something big and I had a mixed feeling of pride and excitement.

How will your MVP status help your company?

From what I have gathered from initial interactions, I feel my company will be benefited in the following ways:

Brand Exposure

As one can only create an official account on BP portal, recognition by MVP badge (with my company as organization) will give exposure to the company as a brand too. Also, this will open an opportunity for me to represent my company on bigger platforms as if I speak at events, communities and user groups, my company will remain associated with that passion. Also, other of the company members can also be included in those events and trainings.

Greater Efficiency

Having a direct line into BP can help with product roadmap, future releases, quick bug fixes, save on dev cycles etc.

Influencing the Product

Having access to learn first-hand about the products and working directly with BP product teams, puts me in a much better position to provide timely guidance to my business and can share my discoveries to the wider team. Also, this can be used to influence their product cycle and to get their benefit ideas delivered a little quicker.

Future Roadmap

This can be useful as it will enable us to plan next steps using the new futuristic products that were soon to be released and insights into future products faster than we did before and sooner than others in this field. MVP will have in-depth domain knowledge as well as near term insight into BP's strategic direction with the product that they specialize in and this can be used to inform the strategy for the company.


This can be leveraged by my company in business engagement as well as training other staff.

Customer Relationship

As my company holds good relations with BP. MVP will help to have developed relationships on two fronts.


As MVPs are like minded tech brains & most helpful community users chosen from across the world. It will help to build relationship with global network of MVPs around the world and can be used as to gather best talent around.

Finally, do you have any advice for other Community Members?

“Aim big and start small”, this is the only principle that I have followed throughout. And if being a brand ambassador is what you are looking forward to, then please be active and engaging in the area that you like and help others in the community and build your Network. Trust me, this is the only way you will grow and help other grow too!

decorative images of vipul enjoying life with colleagues
PSO (My Happy Family)


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