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Mr MuraliKrishna Kodi, Senior Consultant - Wonderbotz

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IT specialist handling various roles as a Mentor, RPA Technical Lead and Blueprism consultant noted for driving business innovation, leveraging RPA technologies, operations, and management leadership in project management, service delivery, consulting and process automation. I have 6+ years of total experience in the IT field with 5 years of hands-on experience in RPA using Blue prism to automate business processes and have successfully implemented projects with diverse industry exposure. currently working as an RPA Automation consultant for Wonderbotz managing and directing RPA projects, training and robotizing numerous routine tasks using Blue Prism thereby reducing manual intervention, also helpful in error handling and maintenance of robots. I fore-fronted in sharing industry best practices and continuously engaged with the team on product roadmaps and PoCs and evaluated the technology's relevance & effectiveness.

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