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Status: Delivered

It would be helpful if we can have a dedicated page where we get all the exam-specific study material because as of now we are not able to directly get the required doc/study materials in the documents section. Even if we search the results are empty.
Most of our fellow developers/junior peers who are planning to take an exam and reach out to us for the exam preparation and docs but we are unable to share the required stuff/info at least where to find those. 

I fully agree with this and I usually send ZIP files for all the guides as mostly they can not find guides easily. We really need this.
Completely in favour of this idea! As in past even I have faced issues while exploring the documents required for certification exams.
Many thanks for this feedback, we are currently working on providing this and hope to have something available soon.

Hi Murali, 

We have now added Certification handbooks to our most popular exams to ensure candidates have all relevant information in one place. 

For further information, please refer to our Certification page.