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 BP 7.1 - gRPC & MS Access Runtime Question

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Vipin Madathum Padikkal posted 08-05-2022 19:02
Hi Everyone,

1) For BP 7.1, I understand that the interactive clients interact with runtime resources through app server. In ASCR configuration BP recommends gRPC over WCF. Is there anything that needs to be installed prior to that for gRPC to work? 

App server will be installed on Windows Server 2019.

Do we need MS access runtime to be installed as a prerequisite on the Runtime resources? We are installing BP 7.1 64-bit version. I read a few post where people mentioned that they have MS Access runtime 2013. We are not using OLEDB.

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Eric Wilson
Hello @Vipin Madathum Padikkal,

These are the only requirements I'm aware of for using gRPC per the Blue Prism documentation:

"This is the default callback channel and requires HTTP/2. The application server and all interactive clients that connect to it must be running Windows 11, Windows 10, or Windows Server 2016 or later."

You can find this in the ACR Configuration Guide.

As for OLEDB and the Access runtime, there is no requirement for the Access runtime unless you intend to connect to an Access data source using the OLEDB VBO.