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 Microsoft SharePoint Graph API - Upload File

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prateek grover posted 11-22-2023 07:33

Hi All,

We are currently facing an issue while trying to upload a document to a SharePoint site in client environment.

The “Upload File” action of the Microsoft Graph API seems to be throwing the following error during debugging:

The error produced while running the upload action

Please find below, the configuration details of the action as well the reference screenshot of the SharePoint site being used.

  1. Action Details.

  1. SharePoint Site

We have provided the 

The file used to upload is of size : 400 kb. If someone has faced this issue, please guide on what exactly is wrong and how to resolve.

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Shashank Kumar

Are you using the latest version of the SharePoint Upload asset available on DX

The parameter named File of Binary DataType is not present in the version that I see. Also you may want to double check the format of the FolderPath as per the user guide.

"Optional: The folder path, within the drive, where the file will be uploaded. Ex. 'root:/TestFolder'. Default path is 'root:'."