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 SAP Spy - SAPLBUSS Screen Number Changes During SAP Upgrade - Why?

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Adam Medley posted 06-23-2022 14:59

Good Day!

The company that I work for is currently working on an SAP Upgrade to the main banking services module. Something that we noticed (which is causing quite the issue) is that the four digit Screen Number within the SAP Spy changes whenever an environment is upgraded. The Screen Number that I am referring to is bolded below:


To add to the problem.... we have been told that there is no way to predict what this Screen Number will change to, and we have also been told that there is no way to keep this Screen Number consistent between environments. Therefore, when the upgrade goes live into Production we are entering into it blind so to speak. 

Has anyone else experienced this before? Was anyone able to find a solution to this problem? 

Thank you in advance and have a great day!

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Michael ONeil
Hi Adam

I use SAP in a lot of processes but never seen this issue before. Have you tried setting the element attribute to a wildcard? either having it as /app/con[0]/ses[0]/wnd[0]/usr/subBCA_SUB_DATA:SAPLBANK_BDT_CTRL:0200/subSUBS_DETAIL:SAPLBUSS:0021/tabsBDT_TABSTRIP01/tabpBUSCR01_01/ssubGENSUB:SAPLBUSS:0029/ssubGENSUB:SAPLBUSS:* or trying to replace only the number as a wildcard /app/con[0]/ses[0]/wnd[0]/usr/subBCA_SUB_DATA:SAPLBANK_BDT_CTRL:0200/subSUBS_DETAIL:SAPLBUSS:0021/tabsBDT_TABSTRIP01/tabpBUSCR01_01/ssubGENSUB:SAPLBUSS:0029/ssubGENSUB:SAPLBUSS:*/subA05P01:SAPLBCA_DYN_CN_PURPOSE:0001/txtBCA_DYN_CN_PURPOSE_TXT-CN_PURPOSE