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 Sensitive Data Restriction (Attended Mode)

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Mohammad Aziz posted 02-12-2024 12:14

Hi All,  

Might be a silly question but wanted to clarify.

Are there are any methods or best practices in place to restrict or remove access to Sensitive data on Production machines other than restricting user (developer) login access to Production machines. 

I am able to hide data within the process level and environments but when running a process in attended mode via the Production machine data entry can be seen which kind of defeats the purpose. Is there anyway to mask the processes being run on a machine? Or is it just a case of removing access to Production machines all together?


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Harish Mogulluri

HI Mohammad Aziz,

Will you able to elaborate t the reason why the automation opted for Attended Automation? 

In general you can run unattended Automation or  if the attended mode is mandatory for triggering the bot or need to run on demand,.

Allocate the VM to run on demand some thing like  semi Attended mode like trigger is manual and bot  will actually running in unattended mode in vm.

 You may not able to mask  the data in fully attended mode. the person who is running attended mode has always visibility of the data in the production environment.

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Leonardo Soares


Maintain the integrity and security of data on the target machine, and in case of access by the development team, guarantee limitation of privileges.
If this is not possible, ensure that they only have the necessary access. In addition, monitoring and auditing systems to check who accesses what data and when. This can help identify suspicious activity and ensure compliance with security policies, of course intersecting with RPA periods.