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Calendar Date Selection

Hello, The automation I'm currently building involves downloading a leavers report and from that report the deactivation date is read (dd/mm/yyyy) and then using a write stage the deactivation date is  inputted into a date box on a system to deactiva...

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Resolved! How to loop through Nested collection

Hi All,  I have converted JSON to collection. But I need to loop through nested collection (Content) as it has the main data.  Please guide how to loop through "content" column of below collection "Output Collection (skipping JArrays)" -------------...


Problem Spying Elements in Java mode

Hi, Im trying to do the bphotel exercise from the Java automation Course. I have installed: Jre 1.8.0 Jab 2.02 Marked the accessibility settings in Control panel I had put the dll files from jab 2.02 in blueprism directory: Blueprism Limited\ Bluepri...

Delete duplicate row in data table

Hi, I have not found a correct answer to this question can you please help I want to delete duplicate rows across all columns in the table. My table has some blanks rows I have seen the removes duplicates function; I have tried but it doesn't work. ...

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Lily.L by Level 5
  • 4 replies

Available functions in filter collection

May I have advice on what kind of functions are available in filter collection, so far just Len() is workable, others like Upper()/CDbl() /INSTR() are all return Undefined Function error. e.g. "Len([Field1])>2" do work.    "CDbl([Field2])>2" failed...

EricLi by Level 6
  • 3 replies

insert data into SharePoint excel using Api.

I want to insert data into SharePoint excel or upload any excel on SharePoint using Api. Please let me know if anyone knew how to do this. I am new to blue prism as well as don't have any knowledge of SharePoint Api. Thanks and Regards--------------...

Capture 4.0 & MS Teams

I am trying to see how i can use Capture 4.0 to take screenshot of a process while on MS Teams call when an SME is working his or her way around a process.

Resolved! Check Date in Blue Prism

Hi guys, I want to use Blue Prism to check what date today to run process. My idea is if Wednesday - Yes - Get file A to work on. Otherwise, No - Get file B to work on. I have used the IsDate function but seems like it doesn't work.  Can you please h...

Lily.L by Level 5
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Trying to figure out a way to search a collection.

So I have this collection that is [test] I am trying to determine whether [test.county] contains one of 80 possible test strings. At the moment I have a decision stage with [test.county] = "test" OR [test.county = "test2" OR for all 80 of the possibl...

How to Spy this Edge Login Dialog

Hi all  Im unable to spy this login dialog any idea how to handle this type of login ? ------------------------------Pedro Sobrado Lorenzo------------------------------

PedroSL by Level 3
  • 3 replies

Help on Practice test questions

Hi All, I have been practicing for AD01 exams from the link  - and I have been getting 90% repeatedly for each retake ....

AarthyP by Level 2
  • 1 replies