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Graph API | Delegated Access

Hi,  I am getting below error while trying to authenticate delegated access using action Get Delegated Access Token in Blue Prism. Any suggestions? Notes: The Tenant  ID and User ID are valid because I am using same Azure App with same tenant and use...

vinodch by Level 2
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Best Practice for Actions

I'm reviewing our coding standards and would like some clarification on the use of actions, please. We currently ban Actions from calling other Actions in the same Business Object. The reason is, basically, that a second copy of the object will be lo...

No Default Objects Found

Hi All, I have installed the Blue prism 7.3 trial edition on my personal laptop. After that while I tried to import the VBOs from C Drive. I can't find anything over there. Only a file named "Digital Exchange - Core" is there. Kindly advise, how can ...

Microsoft Graph API setup with Delegated Permissions

Hi all,We're currently trying to implement Microsoft Graph API to use in our workflows, however we can't seem to work out what exactly we're doing wrong.Due to security reasons, we're not allowed to grant Blue Prism (V6.6) the Application Permission ...

35226.png 35227.png 35228.png 35229.png
COS by Level 3
  • 15 replies

Unred Mail -Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: The property "" cannot be parsed or has an invalid format.

Hi All,I am facing an issue while performing Unread Mail action (BASIC) of outlook Mail VBO. Please find the attached screen Shot below Could anyone please help me on this issue. For other Input functions is working for like Sender Mail and Sender Na...

16969.png 16970.png 16971.png

Utility HTTP- 400 Error message

Hi  I am using BP 7.1 and Utility HTTP ver 10. Using POST method to send data in Json format. when   HTTP - 400 error  occurs , I am not getting complete error message, I get just as below  "The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request" But...

Support Windows 2022 / SQL 2022 for BP 6/7

Hello, we have an environment with: -Blue Prism 6.10.5 -Windows 2012 -SQL Server 2012 we would like to upgrade on the latest Windows Server and SQL Server. Checking the BP documentation  Blue Prism software and hardware requirements I see that with B...

Split multiline excel cell data

Hi, I have this excel cell data that is formatted below. I managed to get it inside a collection and was trying to use the Split utility function to split it. Used several delimiters already like \n, newline(), enter, chr(10) but i was not able to sp...

KT by Level 4
  • 8 replies

Format Date in Excel

Hi guys, How can we use Blue Prism to format the date as dd-MM-YYYY? I have added date to collection as FormatDateTime([Local Start Time], "dd-MM-yyyy") However, when I check Excel, the date is showing as MM-dd-yyyy. (1) After that, when I run a new...

Lily.L by Level 5
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