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Capture 4.0.2 in Win 11

We are in the process of PoC for Capture. For testing purposes we are using virtual machines. We installed Capture using MSI since that would be the method if we decide to start using it. It turned out that in Win 11 VM Capture seems to work, but in ...

TC-14 by Level 3
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Importing releases - Slow

Hello,   Ever since we have been using Blue Prism, we have been experiencing very slow importing of objects. We first thought this was related to our server but once we upgraded, we had the same issue. It takes about 1 to 2min per object to be im...

Need help in downloading ASD01 Certificate

Hi Team, I had completed ASD01 certification on April, 2021 I tried searching certificate in LMS Portal. But it is not available there, Please help me find my ASD01 certificate Thankyou!------------------------------Seema ARPA DeveloperDeloitteAsia/K...

SeemaA by Level 3
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Word: Cannot create ActiveX component

Hi folks, We have two processes (let's call them process A and process B) that both run on the same VDI. Both processes create Word documents and save them in a folder. Process A runs under user A, and process B runs under user B.  In order to create...

PvD_SE by Level 12
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Connection to the resource timed out

Hello Team,At IC we can see resource as connected in control room but whereas in APP server the same resoucre is showing not connected with message "Connection to the resource timed out",Please let us know the configuration we need to do.Thanks in ad...

Error during Web API HTTP Request

Hi all,While trying to make a GET request to a (private) Web API via the Web API Services, we're getting a status code 500 along with a status code 403 from the backend. An error we don't get when making the request via Postman. Internal : Unexpected...

COS by Level 3
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I am unable to save email from sharedinbox

Hi,  My outlook is configured with Shared Inbox [ ] with Inbox as Subfolder .  I am trying to save mail from "inbox" folder to the network drive by using MS Outlook VBO and action as "Save Email" . I am getting below error : Coul...


Starting with Mining

I have two question for starting  the mining work. Q1 - Can i start with task mining and leverage recorder and recording service to see user interaction OR it is must to include process mining as well.  Q2 - What is best practice for recoding hours. ...

Neel1 by MVP
  • 2 replies

How to enable ML model auto training

Hi Team, We have a Batch Type with ML enabled. We have trained multiple documents, but under the Capture Models panel, it keeps showing N/A in Last Trained section. How can we set Decipher to automatically keep training the ML model as the user verif...

9952.png 9953.png

using for MS Excel in blue prism code stages

I am trying to create code stages to extend excel functionalities in blue prism MS excel vbo. In order to generate the code for specific functions like highlight cell, filter column, etc. the code available online in ms documentation is in VBA.  So ...

Decipher 2.3 Installation issue

Hi Team, I am facing an issue while installing Decipher in my local machine as below, The Decipher server service I cannot start while starting is throwing an error. Please help me if anyone has faced similar issue and how to resolve the same.------...


Delivery Roadmap Link is dead does not work from the following page: