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Expose a process on multiple resource machines.

We're running BP V6.10.5 and I recently created and exposed a process as a webservice. I can access this easily on the machine that I created it on using the [machine name]:[port]/ws link.I now need to deploy that service on a pair of production mach...

Resolved! Keep download file in web application

I have a question, when I press the application download button, a warning pops up astoling me if I want to keep or discard the file, how do I have the blueprism keep the file? I have already changed the browser settings, this warning only appears wh...

Extract hyperlink from excel cell

Hi, I have excel file which contains some hyperlinks. I want read that hyperlink. how can i get it?------------------------------Rohini Patil------------------------------

Resolved! Error spying on Adobe Acrobat Reader

I'm trying to create an object to interface with Adobe Acrobat Reader. When I try to spy on any elements on the Reader I get the following error: System.ApplicationException: The window spied was not found in the model    at BluePrism.AMI.clsAMI.Spy...

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Certificate for WCF: SOAP with Transport Encryption

Hello community, we are trying to generate a connection through WCF: SOAP with Transport Encryption, currently a certificate was created and self-signed, and the connection is already in the application server, but when trying to connect through the ...

set Zoom Meeting using Utility - HTTP

Hello, I want to set up a Zoom meeting using "Utility - HTTP".First, I created a "Server-to-Server OAuth" app in the Zoom Marketplace.Then I created a VBO to get Token using client id and client secret. This worked and I was able to get the Token.How...

sumire by Level 8
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POP3/SMTP Get message

Hi,  When using the Utility - POP3/SMTP object - Get Message im having issues with the email coming through in HTML format even though ive selected "FALSE" for the HTML preferred option.  Is there anyway we can get message so that it doesn't come t...

List region - how to detect bottom of the list?

I am using Recognize Text on an application to read a few columns.  These are identified as List Region's.  The text is coming back fine - but my problem is when it gets past the bottom/end of the list.  I am not sure how to detect I hit the end. The...