A Story of Innovating From the Heart, with Michael Wulff

Discover how to push the boundaries with one of our 2024 SS&C Blue Prism MVPs

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I had the pleasure of meeting and sitting down with one of our wonderful SS&C Blue Prism MVPs during one of our most recent SS&C Blue Prism Engage events in Copenhagen. Michael Wulff (@mwulff)  RPA team lead at the municipality of Odense in Denmark, has always been a vocal supporter of thinking differently. He is also very passionate about intelligent automation being more about people than technology.

In this short four-minute highlight of our conversation, discover how he’s developed a culture that promotes innovation and creativity, how intelligent automation supports his region and what motivates him as a leader in this space.

Hear it directly from Michael in this inspiring video.


The full interview is available on our podcast TransformNOW

Key takeaways:

  • People-first philosophy: Learn about the core philosophy of his team, where social skills are valued as highly as technical skills, emphasizing the importance of helping colleagues and citizens.
  • Innovation and risk-taking: Discover how fostering a culture that encourages risk-taking and embraces failure has led to groundbreaking ideas and successful automation projects.
  • Real-world impact: Hear the inspiring story of how automation helped rehabilitate citizens with injuries faster, demonstrating the tangible benefits of RPA in public services.

Michael embodies what it means to push boundaries and give back to the community for the betterment of our industry. This is why we wanted to feature his story as part of our “Boundless Together” celebrations for the fifth anniversary of this vibrant and inspiring community. If you want to hear more stories from our community members, check out the teaser of our Community video stories here!

Thank you again, Michael, for your kindness, wisdom and inspiration!