Blue Prism Enterprise 7.1 and Other Exciting New Product Releases Available Now

Community Team
Community Team

We're delighted to announce the general availability of some very exciting capabilities which will help you do more through intelligent automation, faster and smarter than before. In keeping with our cloud strategy, many of these capabilities will be extended to Blue Prism Cloud shortly after their release – so watch this space for more on that. 

These capabilities will allow you to explore opportunities to expose new and incremental value to your businesses. Please don't hesitate to contact your local account manager for more information. 

Product releases that have just been made generally available in the market include:

Blue Prism® Desktop 1.0

We have introduced the only desktop solution in the market to automate frequent, high-value, and data-sensitive tasks that must run on a specific user's desktop, without sacrificing governance or compromising security. For example, Blue Prism Desktop enables users to run centrally-developed, validated, and automated processes that can update multiple systems without comprising the integrity of data records, or that use individual, authorised user credentials and logins, compliantly and securely, whenever they are needed.

As the mundane, repetitive, and error prone tasks are automated, business users are empowered to collaborate in real-time with customers, leading to improved process speed and accuracy. And Blue Prism Desktop does all this while ensuring the level of security, data governance and auditability that regulated industries and workflows require. 

Blue Prism® Enterprise 7.1, including Hub Control Room 4.6

In keeping with the core objectives of Version 7, this release further enables customers to build a digital workforce that scales faster, is easier to manage, and accelerates their intelligent automation program.  Release 7.1 provides customers with: 

  • A single, unified view across all instances of Blue Prism Enterprise so organizations can monitor, control, and manage their entire digital workforce as one aggregated entity rather than segregated digital workforces dispersed across multiple environments and geographies. This improves control and management of the workforce and enhances administration productivity and effectiveness.  
  • Internet Explorer (IE) browser conversion, so that organizations can convert existing automations running IE to other browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.  This gives organizations a smooth path to migrate their existing automations to a new browser with minimal disruption and without the need to redevelop from scratch. 
  • Blue Prism REST API, which controls and adds additional functionality to the browser-based Control Room. This API can also be triggered as part of a workflow by an external application, such as ServiceNow, thereby providing an alternative approach to manual triggers within Control Room. 

Hub and Authentication Server 4.6

This release provides enhanced authentication through Single Sign-On (SSO) and the ability to align Active Directory security groups to Hub and Interact roles. This not only enhances the user experience by saving time and effort, but also improves security and makes administration easier. 

Interact 4.6

Release 4.6 focuses on improvements to the user experience, reducing bottlenecks and increasing capability and flexibility in the products. These improvements result in making the human to digital worker collaboration an easier, faster, smarter, and more productive experience for business users, end users, and designers alike. These include:  

  • Form submissions can now be assigned to a user role or group rather than  specific, named users. This helps address human augmented use-cases by improving work coverage, preventing delays, and reducing risk in situations which may otherwise be impacted when named users aren't available such as illness, vacation, or employee attrition.   
  • Faster, easier navigation for users and power users, including fewer clicks required in any interaction, and fewer steps required for high-volume, high-throughput submissions. This significantly optimizes the user journey, improves turnaround time, and enhances the user experience. 
  • Improved publishing so that Form Designers, rather than just Hub Administrators, can publish forms. This helps remove bottlenecks, reduce delays, and improve responsiveness to business needs. 

Decision 4.6

This release follows on from the first release of Decision in November 2021, providing improvements to simplify implementation and further reduce development time, including: 

  • Faster model development by enables users to import and export models between environments rather than starting from scratch for each process. 
  • Searchable audit logs allow users to filter prediction history to find what they're looking for more quickly. 
  • Simpler implementation via Microsoft Installer (MSI) provides organizations with an alternative should they not have Docker specific implementation knowledge. 

Downloads and documentation

To access the software and associated documentation, training courses, communities, and more, see the product pages on the Customer Portal:

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