Blue Prism Interact Accelerator


The fastest way to successfully implement Interact.

The "Interact Accelerator" has recently become one of our most popular service offerings with customers and partners. For those who don't know about it yet, I would like to introduce it to you:

What is the Interact Accelerator?

Accelerator is a support package containing expert advice and quality assurance to help streamline the installation, configuration, and initial deployment of Interact.

The service covers the following key areas:

  • Architecture Design Best Practices
  • Installation and configuration guidance
  • Advanced training with Interact
  • Support for the first Interact implementation project

What is our approach?

The package consists of two parts: infrastructure and delivery.

During the infrastructure activity, one of our Platform Consultants will guide your team in preparing the necessary technical design documentation, and assist you to create a deployment plan.

After this is successfully completed you move into the delivery stage.

During the delivery stage your Product Advisor will answers any questions related to the evolution of the product. They will establish the delivery approach for business processes and support the implementation of your first project from start to finish. Your Product Advisor will also supply your team with comprehensive training on how best to design and use Interact.

The duration of full support is usually three to four months, depending on the profile of clients or partners. The entire service offer is designed to support you in the execution of projects. Therefore, this service offering is a valuable tool for optimising your use of Interact.


Expected added value of this service offering

At the end of the successful implementation of all activities, customers and partners should expect the following added value:

  • Infrastructure Design Documentation
  • Training to develop a progressive improvement of collaboration between human and digital workers
  • Implementation of the first successful Interact project
  • Extending the potential and benefit of automation
    • Automation chain growth
    • Increased interaction with the digital workforce
    • More effective and efficient exception handling 

Getting off to a good start with Interact is absolutely critical because it saves customers and partners time, effort and money in the long run.

For more information regarding the service offering, please get in touch with your Blue Prism representative.

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Accelerate your Interact success today!