Decipher IDP - New reporting tool available!

Community Team
Community Team

You can now get detailed insight into your Decipher document training, with brand new key metrics available at Batch, Document and Field Level.

In response to a customer request for greater document training and processing insight, we have released a new reporting capability for Decipher IDP. This is available to all Decipher customers utilising the separate reporting database feature and doesn’t require an upgrade. You simply import the Blue Prism process, configure the inputs* and you’re good to go!

Users can run the process for their specific Batch Type or Document Type and define the reporting period.

The report output will summarise the document performance at Batch level, with metrics for documents 100% correctly captured, those captured with low confidence and where the user has amended the capture data during annotation.

This information is then available for each document, to see how many fields were impacted and then a step further to see the results for each field.

The final report allows you to see a summary of the capture results for your Document Type and quickly see if there’s a particular field in need of attention. More details of how to do this can be found in the user guide.


Following a period of feedback, we will then include this functionality (and hopefully more) directly in the product! But while we’re working on it, you can download this now from the Decipher downloads page on the portal and you can find a full user guide in our online help. The online help will guide you through setting up, running the process and how to use the report as part of your document training process.

* A credential is required with read-only access to the Decipher databases, configurable in the Credential Manager. No sensitive data is used.