Emerson Ferreira: Community Member of the Month - August

Community Team
Community Team

We are excited to announce our Community Member of the Month for August @EmersonF



We are celebrating Emerson as our Community Member of the Month! Emerson is a community MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and works alongside our community team to co-manage our local language community for Latin American Portuguese speakers. Read on to find out more about Emerson and his life as a Latin American developer and as a new father!


Being a new parent is a lot of work, if you could automate one task you do as a new parent, what would it be?

Haha, it would definitely automate a process to get my baby back to sleep at dawn!

What benefit do you get from co-managing Brazil's community?

I believe that having an overview of my country on automation is closer to Blue Prism to bring events, courses and training to the Brazilian community.

What would you say to other community members to let them know what it's like to co-manage a local language community?

That it is a great responsibility to be responsible for adjusting the path of learning and knowledge in some way, but it is equally rewarding.

What do you want to achieve this year as an SS&C Blue Prism MVP?

My biggest aspiration for this year as SS&C Blue Prism MVP is to bring more content in our native language, help in some way so that certifications are in our native language, to cover and certify/recognize more and more people in Brazil.

Why did you join the SS&C Blue Prism Community?

I found in the community people who were really willing to help others, regardless of geography, economics or politics, and I understood that I could also contribute in some way.

How did you get into an automation career?

I always liked programming, but I had never known RPA until my first job when I was invited to be part of a Squad that the following year would be the first Brazilian case to be published on the Blue Prism portal, since then I have always sought to improve myself in automation.

Is there a creative automation you'd like to share?

I remember that I had installed the Study version and my wife was mad at me for not doing the dishes, so I created an automation to tell her I loved her via SMS, she couldn't resist hahaha.

Tell us about a professional achievement that you are proud of.

It was certainly becoming the first Latin American MVP, representing my continent and my country. 

Do you do anything to make working from home fun?

I like to talk to my son (3 months old) and I do a "Brain Storm" even if he doesn't understand yet, he finds it fun hahaha


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