Exciting new releases of SS&C | Blue Prism® Enterprise and SS&C | Blue Prism® Desktop

Community Team
Community Team

We're delighted to announce the general availability of exciting new capabilities to help you explore new use cases and add value to your business. Achieve more through intelligent automation by consuming our latest updates, which reduce development time and complexity while improving usability, and lower technical barriers for new developers, allowing them to build modern, robust and accurate application models. Connect people and digital workers in one collaborative team for the best possible outcomes. Some of the exciting new capabilities include: 

SS&C | Blue Prism® Enterprise 7.3  

  • Native Citrix Virtual Apps and enhanced Citrix Virtual Desktops automation capabilities offer increased security and more flexibility when automating Citrix environments. 

  • Improved flexibility, failover, and resilience of Active Directory integration in Blue Prism Enterprise through more granular configuration options and support for multiple Domain Name Controllers (DNCs) in a multi-forest/multi-domain environment. 

  • Experience the Beta release of our Enhanced Application Modeller, which offers modernized and improved building of accurate and robust application models. 

  • Introducing new Smart Vision spy mode, our latest Surface Automation technology for Application Modeller. Leverage our new no-code editor and AI-powered human-like vision to model application user interfaces to accelerate automation development, reduce maintenance, and improve robustness. 

    To utilize the new Smart Vision spy mode a Smart Vision enabled license is required. Smart Vision enabled licenses are expected to be available to customers from January 2024 onwards.

SS&C | Blue Prism® Desktop 1.2 

Desktop delivers the control, security, scalability, and auditability required to automate repetitive tasks, that must run on employee desktops, in real-time. 

Automations continue to be developed centrally, so customers have peace of mind from using the same Blue Prism design, build, and governance methodologies. 

Customers can efficiently manage their unattended and attended digital workforces in a single, secure environment, reducing infrastructure costs, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO), and increasing efficiency, whilst expanding use cases and advancing their automation landscape. 

Release highlights: 

  • Customers with Blue Prism Enterprise 7.3 and Desktop 1.2 can now design automations to run on the Desktop, and then pass data to an existing Blue Prism work queue, allowing tasks to transition easily from human to unattended digital workers. 

  • With Desktop 1.2 we are introducing a new concurrent licensing model, supporting customers rolling out Desktop at scale, and increasing their return on investment. 


Accessing Blue Prism 7.3, Desktop 1.2, and associated documentation   


Upgrading to Blue Prism 7.3 and Desktop 1.2 

  • Customers considering an upgrade to Blue Prism Enterprise version 7 are advised to upgrade directly to version 7.3 where possible.   

  • Blue Prism Enterprise 7.3 does not require a new license key unless users intend to leverage our new Smart Vision capabilities, or are upgrading from version 6.10 or earlier. For information about applying the update to existing environments and further details about the changes introduced in the release, refer to the release notes and upgrade notices.  

  • From the release of Blue Prism Enterprise 7.3, all Blue Prism supported VBOs are now located on the Digital Exchange. Support can still be received for the previously included VBOs, the list of which can be found here on the Digital Exchange. 

Blue Prism 7.3 also addresses issues identified in previous Blue Prism releases. For more information, see Blue Prism 7.2 known issues.  

If you wish to use Desktop with Blue Prism Enterprise 7.3, you must install and/or upgrade to Blue Prism Desktop 1.2.  See the Desktop 1.2 Installation guide for details. 

Please don't hesitate to contact your local account manager for more information. 

Amy Tsaousi
Sr. Community Programs Manager
SS&C Blue Prism