Innovating intelligent automation with ChatGPT

Community Team
Community Team

It seems ChatGPT is everywhere lately. Since launching late last year, OpenAIs app has caused plenty of excitement. Whether writing or explaining code, drafting content, writing emails, and more, the technology presents plenty of opportunities. But what of the possibilities when combined with RPA? Machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) already work with Blue Prism, thanks to our TAP ecosystem. While the use cases for ChatGPT are still undefined, the prospect of building automations from natural language prompts is interesting.



Thanks to Tejaskumar Darji, a Sr Consultant – Technical Lead at WonderBotz, and one of our SS&C Blue Prism Community MVPs, you can explore the possibilities today. Tejaskumar recently released his ChatGPT Blue Prism Connector on the Digital Exchange. This connector integrates ChatGPT with the Blue Prism intelligent automation platform.

We caught up with Tejaskumar to learn more about the connector.


What inspired you to create this?

I had an idea about how RPA and ChatGPT can work together to provide true Intelligent Process Automation. The ChatGPT connector can assist Blue Prism in directing the downstream operations where complex decisions are required. The connector provides extensive applicability and range across various industries.


What are you going to use this for?

As of now we are exploring various use cases where the connector can be used for a demo using Blue Prism. We already know with the integration; we can build comprehensive chatbots.


What might you do in the future with this? Further roadmap/improvements that you want to include?

We plan to include more capabilities and features offered by the ChatGPT API. Future efforts will focus on integrating a variety of new features.


Any other relevant comments?

We are excited to be a part of the engaging TAP partner community. We are sure that the community will play important role on quick development, delivery, and discussion of reusable components with Digital Exchange.


Thanks Tejaskumar!

We’d love to hear how you'd use ChatGPT to create new automation. Have you tried the connector yet? What are your thoughts on using ChatGPT with Blue Prism? Let us know in our discussion thread