Mukesh Kumar: Community Member of the Month - July

Community Team
Community Team

We are excited to announce our Community member of the month for July @Mukesh Kumar



Mukesh is a key contributor to many conversations on the community, including conversations within our NHS Community, and is also our newest community MVP!! Mukesh is a user who brings positivity to the community and is always on hand to celebrate other's achievements, so it's my pleasure to be celebrating Mukesh as our Member of the Month (MOTM). Read on rest to find out a little more about Mukesh and his work as a Senior Developer for the NHS!


What motivated you to become an MVP?

In my early days as a beginner, I consistently sought help from the community, and this support played a crucial role in shaping me into a proficient Intelligent Automation Developer. I believe in the concept of giving back to the very place where I learned and grew, which means helping others by sharing knowledge—the fundamental spirit of being a Blue Prism MVP. The more I contribute to the community, the greater positive impact it can have.

What do you want to achieve through the MVP Program?

As an MVP, I consider using the official channel as a valuable perk. It allows me to engage in discussions with fellow MVPs about ideas, challenges, and how we can further improve ourselves to maximize our efforts/impact in helping others and learning from best of all industries.

Where do you see potential use for Intelligent Automation next?

Working for the NHS, I take immense pride in how we utilize Blue Prism as an RPA platform to minimize human tasks. By doing so, we allow healthcare professionals to refocus their efforts on critical patient care while the robots handle data management and repetitive tasks. Healthcare stands out as one of the top industries in need of Intelligent Automation to streamline its processes effectively. From managing patient records and assisting in medical billing to optimizing patient appointment systems and healthcare workflows, Intelligent Automation offers significant potential to replace paper-based solutions with efficient digital alternatives through OCRs, chatbots, and faster decision-making with Machine Learning, which of course widens the scope of end-to-end automation solution.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever automated?

I remember doing Speech to Text for reading all the exception messages loud with some funny lines added to it- more of fun Friday so that everybody knew my bot is hitting exceptions - it was in the office, and it was funny to turn heads around!

Why did you join the SS&C Blue Prism Community?

I believe there's no better place than the community itself if you are up for learning and looking for resources, solutions to advance your development skills with the right knowledge base - being part of Blue Prism community allows me to effectively learn from real-time scenarios from day-to-day Dev/Prod Use cases and challenges shared on community. It helps me to absorb insights from experts and equip myself with the know-how for the right references and resources. Additionally, I like to keep myself updated with product developments, features, BP University courses and connecting people in the same space.


How did you get into an automation career?

Back in Feb 2016 -as part of our fresher's learning program, we received training in programming languages, pseudo coding, scripting, and SQL, also at that time (2016-17), Blue Prism was an established and promising tool in the market. Encouraged by its potential, I eagerly joined the company's upskilling program to learn Blue Prism. Through hands-on experience and working on real-time project use cases, I quickly embraced the technology and have never looked back since then!


Do you do anything to make working from home fun?

Setting up a timer for breaks and then asking Alexa to play some better songs feels like a mini celebration for me.


Do you have any fun names for your Digital Workers?

I would have always wanted to name all my bots from Marvel or DC characters based on what they do but couldn't.


What do you find useful when you are stuck on something at work?

I would rely on three valuable resources: the community, documentations/knowledge base or reaching out to my best friend and mentor Sahil Raina - where we would discuss possible solutions in length and eventually be able to figure out the best ways forward.

Are there any future automations you are looking to do?

I am particularly interested in exploring the New AutoML Feature with Blue prism for decision making and to create an End-to-End solution using Chorus BPM.


What career advice would you give to yourself at the start of your career if you could?

Think big, focus more on what's really important, embrace learning and don’t be disheartened by setbacks but instead to use them as opportunities to grow and rise stronger than before.


Tell the community something about yourself you don't think they will know!

I am a big time Batman Fan, I used to have a bat signal light projecting the iconic symbol onto the ceiling. Interestingly, despite my initial fear of the dark, this symbol served as a reminder not to be afraid and to find courage just like the Caped Crusader.


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