SS&C Blue Prism 6.10.5 is now available

Community Team
Community Team

SS&C Blue Prism 6.10.5 is now available

This release addresses issues reported against SS&C Blue Prism 6.10. For more information, see the Blue Prism 6.10 known issues.

Also included in the release:

  • Security enhancements – Resolutions for all recently reported security vulnerabilities. More information on these vulnerabilities and mitigations is available here.
  • Manifest V3 browser extensions – Manifest V3 browser extensions for use with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Optional – Manifest V2 extensions will be installed by default). 
  • Windows Authentication configuration enhancements – Additional functionality to configure a Service Principal Name against the Active Directory account under which each Blue Prism Server service instance is running, allowing the appropriate Kerberos or NTML Security Support Provider to be selected as appropriate.

Accessing 6.10.5 and associated user guides

Upgrading to 6.10.5

  • Customers considering an upgrade to Blue Prism 6.10 should consider upgrading directly to 6.10.5.
  • Blue Prism 6.10.5 includes the option to use new Manifest V3 browser extensions with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. These new extensions are optional, as Manifest V2 extensions are also provided. Customers considering upgrading to adopt new Manifest V3 extension should note that the current versions do not allow insert/invoke JavaScript capabilities. More information about Manifest V3 is available here.
  • Blue Prism 6.10.5 does not require a new license key unless upgrading from version 4.2 or earlier. For information about applying the update to existing environments and further details about the changes introduced in the release, refer to the release notes and upgrade notices.

Kevin Barnes
Community Manager
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