SS&C | Blue Prism® Decipher 2.3 is now available

Community Team
Community Team

We're delighted to announce the availability of SS&C | Blue Prism® Decipher IDP 2.3.

Version 2.3 is a culmination of several improvements designed to make Decipher IDP more secure, accurate, and scalable. Many of the changes in this release are the result of direct feedback from our customers, leveraging their knowledge of running Decipher IDP in their organizations. It includes a significant number of new features and improvements with a focus on enterprise readiness, document capture, and internationalization.

Decipher IDP 2.3 brings the following enhancements:

  • Enterprise readiness – Improved security and authentication, access, auditability, and reporting.
    • Enhanced Active Directory integration to include centralized single sign-on (SSO) management, and role-based access, aligned with Blue Prism Enterprise standards. This eliminates the need for all users to have full administrator rights, and integrates roles and permissions into a unified system. 
    • Expanded reporting capabilities, including more detailed audit trails and automatic log removal for easier data maintenance.
    • Enhanced training data management, including new settings for managing automatic training data deletion.
  • Document capture – Expanded the range of formats and scenarios that can be handled by Decipher IDP.
    • New features such as multi-line field support, automatic page re-orientation, strict field configuration, and attachment detection, provide users with improved usability, efficiency, and accuracy, during document verification. 
  • Internationalization – Increased number of languages and currencies supported.
    • Expanded the supported languages and currencies to include Japanese, Chinese, andKorean, making it easier for organizations operating in these markets to automate processes. With this release, Decipher IDP now supports more than 30 languages. 

For details on these enhancements, plus additional new features and changes in the release, please refer to the Decipher IDP 2.3 Release Notes.

Decipher IDP is now available, without additional license cost, to all customers with Production and Business Critical Support. SS&C Blue Prism is also pleased to announce the availability of an optional Unlimited Use License for Decipher IDP 2.3 customers. Please contact your Blue Prism account or partner representative to request access to Decipher IDP 2.3 today.

Upgrading to Decipher IDP 2.3

Existing Decipher IDP 2.2 environments upgraded to Decipher IDP 2.3 retain all configuration, templates, and machine learning, enabling customers to easily benefit from the new features.

Decipher 2.3 is available now on the Blue Prism Customer Portal.

For information on upgrading existing environments, please refer to the Decipher IDP 2.3 Release Notes and Installation guide.

Amy Tsaousi
Sr. Community Programs Manager
SS&C Blue Prism

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