SS&C Blue Prism Interact: Application example



A platform for collaboration between employees and their digital assistants

Blue Prism Interact can be leveraged for a range of use cases, not just in the front office, but pretty much any process that requires human-digital worker collaboration, e.g.  initiating, reviewing, receiving and approving various tasks related to your business processes.

Below is an example application of a process in a call centre from one of our customers. The process is called "Customer Service Call Centre - Direct Product Order". The call centre agents are currently using the third party vendor's custom order form to order products. The Blue Prism solution has already been implemented for the ordering process steps themselves. Therefore, the use case is about replacing the current form with the Blue Prism Interact form.

The table below compares the current and future process.

Current process


Future process with Blue Prism Interact


1. Incoming call from customer


§ The customer calls to report a delay in the order/error.


1. Incoming call from customer


§ Same as the current process

2. New product offered


§ The call centre agent offers a new product to keep the customer.

2. New product offered


§ Same as the current process

3. The call centre agent fills out the third party online form


§ Customer account information is filled out.

3. [New] The call centre agent fills out the new Blue Prism Interact form


§ Otherwise the same as the current process

4. Form is sent to inbox


§ The form output is routed to the email inbox and the digital worker retrieves this email and adds the information to the Blue Prism queue.

4. [New] Form output is inserted directly into the Blue Prism queue.


§ When the Interact form is submitted by the call centre agent, the form output is added directly to the queue.

5. Digital Worker orders the product


§ The digital worker picks up the item from the Blue Prism queue and orders the product in the ordering system.

5. [New] Digital Worker orders the product and updates the order status


§ The call centre agent can see the current status of the order from the submitted Interact form.


§ In case of a problem, the call centre agent can edit and resubmit the form.


The future process is described in the flowchart below.



 Here are some screenshots from the Interact:

  • Order form


  • Submitted Data


  • Order status update


Benefits of Blue Prism Interact

The use case highlights the following benefits of Blue Prism Interact:

  • Direct integration between Interact and Blue Prism
    • The unnecessary steps to integrate the form and Blue Prism queue via email are eliminated, reducing potential integration errors.
  • Bi-directional and real-time integration
    • The status and progress of the order placed is always up-to-date for the call centre agent. If a problem arises, the call centre agent will receive a message to resubmit the order form if this is necessary. This feature is not supported by the current solution.
  • No coding and no new objects necessary
    • Absolutely no coding is required to create the form or integrate between Interact and Blue Prism.
    • Creating a form is simple, intuitive, effective and user-friendly.
    • For integration between Interact and Blue Prism, the business object supports "Utility - Interact API" and its various actions, e.g. "Edit Text Field Value", "Change Field State to Read Only", "Update Status", "Move Submission to Inbox Tab ", etc.
  • Rapid solution implementation
    • The tasks for the example application was completed in 1 day.
    • As the Blue Prism solution has already been implemented, it is expected that the implementation of the new solution could be done in a very short time.

You can find out more about Blue Prism Interact in general here.

The online help (in English) can be found here.

Interact Accelerator

Our Interact Accelerator service offering provides Blue Prism with advice and assistance to a customer or partner in the initial implementation of the Interact product in an "on-premises" deployment.

The Interact Accelerator focuses on:

  • Best practice for architectural design
  • Installation and configuration instructions
  • Interactive training (self-learning)
  • Mentoring during the creation of the first projects

For more information, please get in touch with your usual Blue Prism contacts.