Tejaskumar Darji: Community Member of the Month - June

Community Team
Community Team

We are excited to announce our Community member of the month for June @Tejaskumar Darji 

Please join us in celebrating our remarkable Member of the Month Tejaskumar, who has just become one of our community MVPs for the second year in a row! Thank you for your contributions to our community, and for letting us know a little more about yourself by giving the community this interview. Read on to hear Tejaskumar's feelings on AI, where the Automation Industry is going, and much more! 

What do you think the Intelligent Automation Community needs more of right now?

More and more people sharing their automation journey, thoughts, and experience on the latest tech trends in the Automation industry.

Start brainstorming on how we can bring cutting-edge technologies into RPA solutions for a better value to the business. We need to identify the best use cases and opportunities for businesses expand their automation operations beyond just RPA.

The automation community as well as the vendors need to think about how we can make Robotic Process Automation (RPA) genuinely Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

Does AI worry or excite you?

It excites me for sure, but more than that I worry about its future implementations.

Every piece of tech has its advantages and disadvantages, the world needs to have some cation when in comes to AI use, so that it does impact human development. At the end of the day, we want to keep humanity alive!

What skill do you think automation professionals will need to learn in the next few years?

  • Awareness of multiple Intelligent Automation tools, platforms, and the latest technologies.
  • Adaptability to build cross-platform RPA solutions.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever automated?

Reading the feeds to get a list of today's birthdays and send them emails.

You've been a Community Member for 3 years, what keeps you here?

Curiosity is what keeps me here!

I would describe my experience with the Blue Prism Community as a journey of sourcing knowledge and enhancing it through collaboration.

I enjoy reading other people’s views on various topics. Many times, I get to know unique insights from other community members that spark new ideas and thoughts.

It's a place where I not only contribute what I know but also solve problems that benefit others and collaborate with the RPA Community.

Such aspects constantly motivate me to explore the community portal and stay engaged.


How did you get into an automation career?

I landed my first job in manual and automation testing role. I was but I did not stay in the role for long, I was exploring various concepts of automation testing and came across the term RPA in 2019 that is when I started learning and exploring RPA. That is how I started with RPA.


Is there a creative automation you would like to share?

My first automation was to launch all essential apps, log in and navigate to the required page as we begin our day in the office. I was able to implement this simple automation for all of my team members.

This amazed me as a beginner because it cut down our manual efforts to open the apps daily for the whole team. This was small, but it sparked my curiosity in doing more and more automation with RPA.


Do you do anything to make working from home fun?

I call sometimes office buddies, college friends, and school friends to have a fun chat with them and talk about how their life and career are going. We laugh at our memories and have some fun.

Also, at WonderBotz we organize online and offline fun team events regularly to keep the team engaged in collaboration and fun activities.

I also like doing poetry in my free time and helping my mom with household chores.


What career advice would you give to yourself at the start of your career if you could?

We must find work that allows us to pursue our passion. If you enjoy what you do, then stick with it. If you don't enjoy your job, it's not for you. Work should not be a burden for you.

Passion is something you don't count hours for, you don't lose interest in it, you don't get bored of it, and you don't give up on failures… so we all need to find our passion in work and then it becomes easy to grow.


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