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How to pass the command line in the command Prompt

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Hi Team,


How to use Utility - Environment VBO For passing the command line in the command Prompt.

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Shweta Naik

Hi shwetha naik,

  Yiu can use start process  to run command prompt

Below are the knowledge  centre article .


To run something on the command line, there are two options: 

  • Use the Start Process (or Run Process Until Ended) action of the supplied 'Utility - Environment' VBO, and place the command(s) to be run in a batch file.  
    Place the full path and filename of the batch file into the 'Application' input parameter field of the Application Modeller.


  • Attach to an existing instance of 'cmd.exe' once it is already running, spy the full window, and use the Global Send Keys function (in a Navigate stage) to send the command line that you wish to run, including the ENTER key."

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Harish Mogulluri
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If I answered your query. Please mark it as the Best Answer

Harish Mogulluri