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MS 365 Outlook - Filter Expression error


Hi, Community

Can any help me out to find the reason that the following syntax doesn't work and correct me?

I've used the Get Received Item(Advanced) action and the following error says "From" is unknown element attribute.


Below is the setting. "[To] = 'xxxx'" works fine though, "[From] = 'xxxx'" doesn't work. 


Best regards

HongJoo Choi


Hello HongJoo Choi

I tried to replicate the same and it worked fine for me. Are you using the latest MS outlook VBO? If not please try again after the update and see if same error persists.

Also does that sender (Dohyeong Kim) has added name while setting up email account? Sometimes not all email users enter their name so you will not see their name in the email instead only the email ID.

Try with some other From email ID where they have entered name while setting up email.

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Thanks & Regards,
Tejaskumar Darji -
Technical Lead