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Problems in LoadTextFile

Level 3

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble translating an .xlsx file into text using the LoadTextFile function. I also tried using the "Read All Text from File" task in the "File Management" object.
What I get is 17753 characters but if I try to retrieve the "Current Value" I only get "PK".
Instead for an eml file I get this for example
"Received: from ( by
Can you give me support?

Thank you,


Hi Daniel,


I dont recall I tried to convert xlsx file to text file.

If  you encountered the issue with conversion, I probably would suggest to convert in to csv and then to text file

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Harish Mogulluri

Level 8


Both the LoadTextFile function and the "Read All Text from File" actions are for reading files that are in a text format.

A ".xlsx" file is essentually a ZIP compressed file that contains all the data from the workbook. That is why you are getting a ZIP file signature of "PK" (Phil Katz the co-creator of the ZIP format) and all the compressed binary data put in the data item. The "Multiline Edit" dialog is encountering a control character that is cutting off the display of the data.

An EML file is always a text file that uses Base64 to store binary data within it so it would never encounter control characters.


Micheal Charron
Toronto, Ontario

Hi @MichealCharron,

That is very good info. Thanks for sharing.

If I answered your query. Please mark it as the Best Answer

Harish Mogulluri

Hello @dbellazzi 

What I have use in the past to "convert" an xlsx file into a txt file is the following secuence of steps;

  • MS Excel VBO:Create Instance
  • MS Excel VBO:Open Workbook
  • MS Excel VBO:Select (Give the range of the table, i.e. "A1;Z100")
  • MS Excel VBO:Copy
  • Utility - Environment: Get Clipboard or use a Calc stage with GetClipboard() function, save the data in a text dataitem.
  • Utility - File Management:Write text file (sending data item text that previously got the clipboard)
  • Utility - Environment:Clear Clipboard
  • MS Excel VBO:Close Instance

Not sure if this is the correct approach in your case but perhaps help you in some way.



Daniel Sanhueza
RPA Professional Developer