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SmartSheet API Connector from Digital Exchange - Having issue with Get sheet as CSV


I'm using Smartsheet API and  able to use other Actions Available in Smartsheet -  Sheet Actions VBO and able to use different actions but having issue using Get sheet as CSV action. After I use the action the csv file is not storing in  my local based on the Smartsheet Document it will send the output as Output Stream But  there is no output parameter in   Get Sheet as CSV action  and file is not storing on my local is there a way I can store the file by passing path as input variable?
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Harish Mogulluri

Level 5


I am new to use smartsheet automation in our project. Can you please help me how to automate in BP. I got one release file from digital exchange but I tried to import in Release/Skill, it is navigating to import release file but after importing i am not able to find this release file in BP studio. Given below is the release file. Is this bellow file is helpful to automate smartsheet?


Can you please how to automate SmartSheet - Inserting, updating, deleting data functionality