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🎓Teach Michael: What can I automate in Retail?

Community Team
Community Team


I saw an amazing infographic on LinkedIn this morning (thanks for sharing @Tejaskumar_Darji ) that showcased 48 examples of processes you can automate in the education sector.

It got me thinking about my time as a young whippersnapper, working for minimum wage at a clothing outlet in my home town, and how the best part of my job was always interacting with customers - and the worst part of my job was balancing the tills and the accounting books at the end of the day 🥱

And that exhausting task got me thinking about robots. 

And so, dear community, the thing I'd love to learn from you the most today is:

What are the processes you can automate in the Retail sector?

You might like to contribute:

1️⃣Processes you have already automated in retail based businesses. 

2️⃣Processes you think are ripe for automation that might not have been explored yet

3️⃣Things you probably shouldn't automate in retail

4️⃣The automation risks and rewards that are specific to retail based businesses

When contributing, remember that there is no such thing as too basic or too complex. We're all at different stages in our automation journeys, and an idea you dismiss because it's too simple might by just what someone else is looking for 💡

As always with these discussions, you'll be helping me and inspiring newcomers to our community as we'll take the top responses from this discussion and add them to our Community Top Tips for Beginner's megathread

Over to you, experts! 🎉🪅

💙 Michael
(I'm part of the SS&C Blue Prism Community Team)