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Create an item queue based on a webservice hook

Hello, I am a novice on BP and i would like to know how to set the BP to listen a webservice hook in order to create a queue item ? Kind regard***************Bonjour,Je suis novice sur BP.Je voudrais cofigurer BP pour que à reception d'un hook il cré...

Teach Michael: Senior Leadership role in automation

Hey everyone, Last month I joined SS&C Blue Prism, and the automation community, as a complete newbie. I came to you for help, and you responded gloriously with tips and advice on how to find the best processes to automate. I was blown away by how he...

Michael_S by Community Team
  • 5 replies

Resolved! C# Code Stage with Data Type Dynamic

Hello Community,I tried to use in a C# Code Stage the data type dynamic, but it doesn't work.Here my example to reproduce the behavior. This error occurs: Compiler-Error in line 4: Missing compiler required member 'Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.C...


Semaphore timeout period has expired.

Hi Guys, Good Morning I am facing an issue where login agent is terminating with error : Semaphore timeout period has expired. After server restart, Bot is able to login to the server using Login agent. This issue happened multiple times. Each and ev...

Teach me: Determining the best processes to automate?

Hello Community!I'm @Michael Shillingford, I joined the SS&C Blue Prism Community Team last week. I am new to the world of RPA, and so I thought that one of the best ways for me to learn (and to get to know some of you) would be to ask the people who...

Michael_S by Community Team
  • 7 replies

BluePrism installing Interact

Hi allWe are running BluePrism on Premis in our company. The environment consist of 1 application server, 1 database server and about 16 runtime server. The configuration connection is as follows:Application server is connected to the database SQL Se...

CredentialManager Update

Hi Folks,Greetings!! I have a concern regarding credentials manager, is there any option or an approach to know the status for credentials who has updated the cred properties like password, username, privileges or any changes were did by the user or ...

Filter Collection with OR

Hi, I have a collection with 3 columns that I then want to filter down into another collection. All columns and its content should come with but I only want to bring the rows where in one of the columns says A or B. But  I cant get it to work.  I use...


Web Service error advice

Hello Everybody,I created a template that goes into a web service and configures a report (via the browser Microsoft Edge) downloads into the download folder where it gets the attachment and emails it to the people its intending too.My issue is I wil...

Most Recent Attachment Outlook VBO

Hello Everybody,I am trying to write an expression on putting an attachment in the Outlook VBO and keep getting error that it cant find the file.The file name is Investment Value_2022-12-13h12m37s45.xlsx bit everything after value will be different. ...

Resolved! Training Material not showing

Hello All,I was wondering if someone could help ....My issue is that i need to do the consolidation exercise in the training to be able to do my associate developer exam. It says that i need to go to C:\Program Files\Blue Prism Limited\Blue Prism Au...