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Web APIs - DocuSign Application

Level 2

Hello Team,

I have configured web APIs in Blue prism.

Now i want to update the value in one of my templates in DocuSign application.

I am able to Get the templates details from application to blue prims but unable to update the value in template.

I am not getting any error when i run this code in BP, but values are not getting updated.

please advise. 


Kala Reddy

Hi kala Reddy,

 Looks like Docu Sign VBO  in digital exchange Doesn't have this action, but quickly looking in to one of the POST method I noticed your URL path  doesn't have forward slash("/"). assuming your base URL has this otherwise  you probably need to add this at the start.

Check the Digital exchange VBO  it will help you  to figure out the root cause of this issue. I assume you tried using  this method in post man?


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Harish M
Lead developer
America/New_York TX
If I answered your query. Please mark it as the Best Answer

Harish Mogulluri

Hi Kala,

As per the API documentation, the object name in the JSON body should be "templateCustomFields". Also, can you try constructing your JSON body with the Field ID.


Athiban Mahamathi -
Technical Consultant,



I am trying to update the value in one of the templets in DocuSign application. 

I am not getting any error, but value is not getting updated.

please advise.

Kala Reddy