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Accessing a SOAP service with signature i BP

Level 2


I'm trying to access a SOAP webservice that requires every request is signed by a certificate. 
The setup for this signature is as follows

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Signature xmlns="">
      <CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm="" />
      <SignatureMethod Algorithm="" />
      <Reference URI="">
            <Transform Algorithm="" />
            <Transform Algorithm="" />
         <DigestMethod Algorithm="" />

I'm guessing I have to use the "Utility - HTTP::HTTP Request" object - but how?


Community Team
Community Team

Hi @LarsEnevoldsen - this looks like a tricky one, sorry you haven't had any answers as yet. I'm going to bump this up to the top of the board for you to see if we can get some clever folks from the community to give you advice. If you've managed to make any progress since posting this, let me know!

Level 2

I would seem that its possible ;  see page 35 

But its beyond me to make it work - also it seems this manual is out of date. wsdl.exe and wsewsdl3.exe are not used anymore as far as I can tell.