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Any work around to reading exportpackage command output

Level 10


I am trying to use AutomateC to export package from Blue Prism (/exportpackage), running it normally works fine. But when I try to redirect output - to read whether the export was successful, either through code (dotnet/python/ps) or on cmd using (> out.txt) it results into error. Is there any workaround other that just not redirecting output. 

---> System.IO.IOException: The handle is invalid.

I just want to make sure the exported package is complete package.


Gopal Bhaire
Senior Software Engineer


Can you share exactly how you're doing this in Blue Prism? I assume you're using the Start Process Read Stderr and Stdout action of the Utility - Environment VBO? ​If so, can you share a screenshot of what you're setting the parameters to?


Eric Wilson
Director, Integrations and Enablement
Blue Prism Digital Exchange

Hi @ewilson,

Thanks for your response. 

This is was done outside Blue Prism, as a script/console app to export package using Blue Prism command line (AutomateC - /exportpackage) but kept getting the error whenever I tried reading the output/error. Within Blue Prism I tried using the action you mentioned (adding working dir in code) which resulted in same error and finally I also tried the Utility - Blue Prism from DX exchange which inconviently has no Export Package action, and trying to add and run that action resulted in same error.

I just want to read the output of the command to be sure that package is exported without any errors.

100%: Saved release
Release: 'Test1 - Release 58' exported to file: 'Test1 - Release 58.bprelease'


Gopal Bhaire
Senior Software Engineer

Hi Gopal,

As you state you're using a script/console app to export this package, the guidance offered in this Knowledge Base article, "Why do I get a "handle is invalid" error when using PowerShell?" may provide some insight into why you're getting this error. There is also a suggestion to change the syntax of your command which may help prevent the error.

Steve Boggs
Senior Software Support Engineer
Blue Prism
Austin, TX