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BP Interact - Dynamically populate form list selections

Level 2

Essentially I'm looking to read a list of cases from a CMS, each one of these cases can have multiple options in, which vary on a case by case basis.
Then populate an interact form per case, but within that interact form, populate a selection list (dropdown, or checkbox list - whatever does the job) where the user can select one of these options provided by the CMS, allowing the robot to action the case off of the back of the selection. 

Is there any way I can assign a dynamic set of options for the user to select within the Interact form, differing per case/populated interact form? 

A backup option I'm thinking of could be to populate a free text field with the values read from the CMS: "1. [option 1], 2. [option 2]", then have the dropdown list selection values relate to the free text field (ie. "Choose option 1" | "Choose option 2")
But this becomes a bit messy as we'd need the dropdown list to contain the maximum amount of options which could appear on a case, and could be very messy.
Surely there's a better way? 

Hopefully this makes sense, thanks in advance!

Matthew Martin

Hi Matthew

There isn't anyway to populate dropdown lists dynamically, I'm afraid. You have also hit upon what is probably the best workaround.

There is a way which might be cleaner for your user, although definitely more labour intensive from a form creation point of view. You associate a Yes/No radio field with each of your dynamically populated free text field asking the user "Do you choose Option 1?". You can then use rules to lock the remaining options as read only and "No". It will take a little longer to create but may be better for your users. Neither are as simple as dynamically updating a dropdown field though. The good news is we have received this idea previously and it is planned for inclusion into Interact.

If you have questions in the future, we have a specific Interact community here.


Joe Farr
Senior Product Specialist
Blue Prism Limited

Thanks for your response Joe, much appreciated!

We'll implement the workaround for now then and eagerly await the inclusion of Ram's idea 🙂

Thanks again.

Matthew Martin