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Interact is a collaboration platform designed for enterprises – and the humans who work there – making them available to do other things.

Interact allows Blue Prism processes to be extended into the front office and for work to be more easily collaborated on between the digital and human workforce. For more information, please visit our Getting Started with Interact page.
Interact is available to all Blue Prism customers with paid for support and who have a license commitment of 10 or more digital workers. Interact does require a license. License keys are made available as part of the initial availability process. There are no additional direct license costs for using Interact, however, there will be additional infrastructure to support the product.
Blue Prism Interact is currently available to customers who have premium support, or for a licensing fee. Contact your Blue Prism sales rep for details and to request access to this phase 1 product availability. For more information check out the Interact Product page.
Interact supports Blue Prism 6.4.0 or later.
The known issues list for Interact can be found on our Interact Help page.
The majority of our customers’ use cases are ideal for using both humans and digital workers, with digital colleagues augmenting human tasks. Interact is a good fit for businesses who'd like to make that interaction smoother by providing a common standard interface for humans and digital workers to collaborate.

Your business will be able quickly and seamlessly build bridges across collaboration points so that:
Humans can pass work to digital workers to subsequently perform in the back office.
Humans can trigger interactive collaboration with their digital worker colleagues.
Businesses can also use Interact to validate business exceptions to drive higher ROI. Digital workers can also request approvals and raise exceptions with employees, if needed.

Bottom line: Interact makes your digital workers accessible across the enterprise for front-, middle-, or back-office needs/use cases. Blue Prism Interact is currently available to customers who have premium support, or for a licensing fee. Contact your Blue Prism sales rep for details


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