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BPC Object Excel VBO Extended 'GetClipboardText' error

Level 4

Hi, I'm trying to get an Excel worksheet as a collection but am getting the following error and I don't understand what I could be doing wrong. The worksheet name is correct, I've checked for spaces and spelling etc.  The worksheet name doesn't change. The contents are a mix of text and numbers that can be in date form or just as numbers... could this be it?


This is my action:


The workbook name is referenced from a different page.

I'm on version 6.10.5

Thanks, Fran



Hi @Fran.Woodcock ,

Do you get the worksheet name from blueprism & then use it or are you trying to store it in a variable to utilize it?

I can see involvement of spaces in the sheet name which can cause this issue try to check if the sheet name of the excel has extra spaces like " Sheet1" & you trying to access "Sheet1". In case this is any system generated sheet, best approach would be to get the worksheet name & then use the same to fetch data.

Still if you face the same issue I would encourage you to share a snip of the excel data you are trying to fetch.


Shreya Satish Udagave Technical Architect | Associate Consultant Northern Trust Operating Services, Pune Email- [EmailAddress]


I doubt it's the data in the sheet. Could you use the official Excel VBO rather than a copy?

Level 4

Hi @shreya.khot and @John__Carter 

Thanks for your ideas, the workbook name and worksheet name are obtained from the file - they change so can't be a set data item. I have checked and double checked the possibility that there were extra spaces in the Excel file worksheet, or the data item and there are none.  There is also a verify stage before the 'Get worksheet range as collection' to check the tab exists. 

I tried both VBOs, the standard Excel and the extended.  I am using the same version throughout, and the issue persists with both VBOs.

There is a known issue about reading and writing data from Excel but I have a Show action already built, which is the fix. 

I have stepped through the action and can see that the workbook and worksheet are identified, and there, but it's at the last bit that it fails.  I wonder if there is something in the code?


I can't decipher it to know if there is something I could change...

Many thanks for the ongoing support