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Blue Prism 7.1 - Bug in field for action description

Level 5

Hi guys,

we are preparing our Environment for upgrade to BP 7.1. and I noticed one issue which is not mentioned in Known Issues yet.

The bug is in description field for an action.
If an action's description field contains a curly brace inside '{ }', the whole object and actions inside becomes unavailable for all processes and cannot be chosen form the list. For existing actions - when you double click it in a process, following message appears: 'Invalid Object: <object name>' and it's disappearing from object/action picker. But when you select it and choose 'View action in Object Studio', will successfully open the object, besides the error.
When you force to execute an action from the object, exception message is as follow:
Internal : The object '<object name>' is not valid. The last error message recorded was: Input string was not in a correct format.

Adding a single character can make a lot of mess in production environment, especially when the object is commonly used by processes.

We will upgrade from BP 6.6 and we didn't noticed in current version any problems with special characters in descriptions fields.

As workaround, descriptions have to adjusted and curly braces removed.


Łukasz Kiciak
RPA Developer

Hello Łukasz Kiciak,

Yes, this has been identified as a bug in the 7.1 code base. As I understand it, there's a fix targeted for the 7.2 release.


Eric Wilson
Director, Integrations and Enablement
Blue Prism Digital Exchange