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Bot run at scheduled time but Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Stage 'Attach' on page 'Attach

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Hi Guys,

So my bot is running at the scheduled time. I believe the process is complete because it sends out the reports and notifications. The process attaches to the MSEDGE Window and runs on Exclusive Mode. 

However, when I check to the Log in to the control room, it has errors. I have check Window Title = "*ABC*" , Process name = *msedge* and child index = 0

Can someone please explain about this error? Why does it happen and how to fix that? Many thanks!


Mia Mikela

Do you have any action at startup to close current browser sessions? When the error occurs, does the edge open? If so, try including an action to wait a few moments before applying Attach.
It happened to me once that, due to scheduling, the execution occurred very quickly and there was no time for the edge to initialize correctly.

Leonardo Soares
RPA Developer Tech Leader
Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil

Thanks Leonardo,

Before kicking off the object, I've thrown in a "Kill Process" action to make sure everything starts fresh.

Oh, and since we've got that "Attach Page" thing going on all over the place within the object, I thought it'd be ok to add a "Wait" stage right before we jump into the "Attach" action. 

If you've got any other ideas or suspects for what might be causing those errors, I'm all ears! Thanks for your help!

Mia Mikela

HI Mia Mikela,

I would suggest to add the screenshot and observe the behavior of the website and see whether you are able to replicate this issue.
Because if for some reason the website you are trying to open may not be fully loaded. So If that is the case  Increase the  condition wait time after launching the browser based on the  website response time
Other spots I would check
1) Conditional wait  is present after launching the browser
2) Whether   window title using in Attach window is the correct window BOT is trying to attach?

Check below knowledge base article and see whether it is helpful  to resolve the issue.

If I answered your query. Please mark it as the "Best Answer"

Harish Mogulluri
Lead developer
America/New_York TX
If I answered your query. Please mark it as the Best Answer

Harish Mogulluri