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Can not see any data into Blue Prism Dashboard

Level 4
Hi, I am not getting any data into Blue Prism out of the box Tiles. I have tried selecting different Work queues (also leaving blank) and other settings but not getting any data at all. I can see "Queue Volumes Now" but cannot see anything in: - Average Handling Time - Daily Productivity - Average Retries - Exceptions I have tried this into multiple Blue prism versions 4, 5, 6. I created some custom tiles to test the same and I can see the data. But Blue Prism out of the box tiles are not giving any data. Please help if anyone has configured the tiles and got the data. Thanks.

I'm having this same issue, with the exact same tiles as highlighted by Tejaskumar. Was there ever a resolution found?

For reference, I'm trying to create tiles and dashboards for a Blue Prism Cloud instance. Yes, I know that Hub is a possibility here but due to some issues with Hub I would like to create dashboards and tiles within the Blue Prism platform.

Michael Michaud

Level 3

This is a bit late, but I'm still going to leave this here to anyone who might be having the same problem as @Tejaskumar_Darji@FelixDe_la_Rosa or @mmichaud.

The issue was MI Reporting not refreshing. I had to follow this guide in order to force-refresh it, after which the performance dashboards were finally showing: Updating refreshinprogress to 0 does not update the value. : (