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Cannot run a scheduled task. Session error occurring

Level 3
Hi all,

As the title says I cannot run a scheduled task. The error I get when viewing the failed task in Reports->Recent Activity is: 
"Task: New Schedule - New Task - Session creation failed on resource 'XXX': Failed to create session on XXX- The requested operation is not permitted, because the license currently in use does not permit it.The maximum number of concurre"

My license is Enterprise, valid for 1 session.
I have ensured there are no Pending, Running or Stopping sessions in Session Management. In Session Management my filters are set to All.
Scheduling is enabled under System->Scheduler.
As a last resort I have restarted my app server to no avail.

In Session Management I can drag processes to manually run and then start them without fail.

I have the same license installed on a second app server (freshly setup) that I plan to start using as the Production server once I have finalised testing on the current app server. The Prod app server has not been touched beyond initial installation. I doubt it is the cause of the problem, but I mention it here to give you the full picture.

I am running V6.10.1.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Hi Andrew,

When you say you can manually drag a processes and run ....did you drag your process onto a remote RR machine which is connected to BP server ?


Level 3
Hi Henry

Yes, onto a separate resource

The error seemed to be related to using more than licensed number of connections.  

I would suggest you to log a ticket with support as by checking the session logs , BP event logs and your detailed configuration might help understanding what caused the problem and thus finding a solution.

 Can you try restarting the Blue Prism Server service once ?
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