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Control Room - Warning

Hello dear community members.

I have a problem, it is happening in some processes (mainly) during the night, the processes are going into warning status but the VM is locked until the control room operator manually unlocks it, although it is flag in System the process remains locked, what do you do or suggest for some of the questions below:

- Receive an email/telegram notification that the process status is warning "after 30 minutes"

- That the process restarts or ends after the warning time

- Mainly that the operator is notified as soon as the time is exceeded.

Note that I found similar questions but they were old and I was suggested to create another topic to have current answers


José Francisco Bezerra Nunes Júnior

Hi Jose

Warning messages are difficult to work around as these are essentially just to advise the process is running slowly or is stuck in an action it cant exit from. This unfortunately often means there are limited options in terms of terminating the action or recovering from it without manual intervention. There can be options to add timeouts within code stages for example which can help but where the action is something that cant be altered this might be difficult, for example, running an sql query may show a warning if the amount of data being returned is extremely large and this might have options to mitigate the delay by limiting the rows returned through the sql. On the other hand pressing a button in an application which then throws an exception causing the application to freeze then BP cant escape from the action of pressing the button.

Can you provide some information on what action you're process is doing when it gets the warning message?

Michael ONeil
Technical Lead developer

Hello - i think warning status is not logged as warning in DB . it will be running only. So all cases where trigger from DB is mentioned - they will not be fruitful.

but it is important to note why warning is coming. one case is the time setting which can be altered or stage overridden can be used for stages where it is excepted to go in Warning.

Another case if they are some unexcepted pop up n all like outlook password . This need to be captured by Bot controller and actioned on it.

Neeraj Kumar
Technical Architect

Level 8
Hi Jose ,

When ever any process went to warning state in our team , we manually restart that Resource and re add the 'Automatically set to Exception on Session end Items'. 

As mentioned by Neeraj , Warning Threshold can be overridden at individual stage level where ever required. 

Thanks ,

RPA Developer