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Dependency issue: Wrong dll version loaded

Level 2

Hello I am using blueprism 6.10.5 and .Net framework 4.7.2,
I am getting stuck on [Stepping] in a code stage using a internally developed dll in blueprism. We have narrowed the problem down(By excluding all other code inside the dll) to a problematic nuget package(link). This is a newer version of the System.Net.Http dll that comes with blueprism. The blueprism one is Version the nuget one is labeled as version 4.3.4. 

We can still use simple calls to httpclient to the System.Net.Http dependency, which sugguests it is using the wrong version. The 4.3.4 version is installed into the GAC, blueprism is able to load other dll's using GAC. 

0. Has anyone been able to use System.Net.Http version 4.3.4(link)?
1. Has anyone else been able to use a dll that is a newer version of the libraries that blueprism comes with and is bindinge redirected in Automate.exe.config?

Øyvind Reitan


Hi Øyvind,

Thank you for being a SSC Blue Prism customer and for using Blue Prism. I think this issue goes beyond what we can help with here on the community boards and I would recommend that you open a ticket directly with support for advice.


Geoff Hirst
Senior DX Engineer - Digital Exchange - EMEA
SS&C Blue Prism
Geoff Hirst Senior DX Engineer - Digital Exchange - EMEA SS&C Blue Prism