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Drag and Drop Action Failed

Level 2
Hi there, We use the standard BP drag and drop action in one of our objects.  Occasionally (once every couple hundred attempts) it gets stuck on drag.  If I notice this, I connect to the robot, nudge the mouse, and it continues.  A few days ago, it took more than nine hours for the robot to do a drag and drop.  Has anyone else ever seen this?  And, if so, what have you done to prevent it? Cheers

Level 15
I've not seen this before, it could be an issue local to your application.  The latest versions of Blue Prism (since Feb 2017) have an application modeller timeout I recommend you set - so that if an interface stage takes more than a set time (maybe use 5 or 10 minutes) it will fail with an exception.  That will allow you to put exception handling in to try again (which if you are using our process tempate as the basis of your solution you will already have on your process sub-pages)

Level 2

@JimmyMcCrillis  could you please provide the solution you used back then ? i'm currently having similar issue. Thanks.