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Resolved! Defer Feature

Good Day Team, Trust you are well and looking forward to the festive break. I need a bit of advice on the Defer feature in a work Queue, something that I have not used before. I have something like a Task scheduler that has a list of processes that n...

SharePoint VBO aborts requests.

Hi Team . Please help, I am trying to connect with SharePoint to download and upload files using the same business object as the group at work, however on my license account the business object results in the error provided as a screenshot above. I ...


Microsoft SharePoint Graph API

Hi All, I would like to do the below actions using Microsoft Graph API i don't have any idea on this could someone Please assist me on this how can i develop this object. Download file from a Site.2. Upload file to a Site. 3. Move files in between Si...

Chrome Version for Blue Prism

Hi All,  I am curious about what version of chrome you guys use and how you will maintain this.  like chrome is continuously upgrading and causes issues?  reason for asking is : we were using older version and stopped upgrades. but recently we upgra...

Resolved! Issue spying an item from dropdown menu

Good morning I have been working on Blue Prism to try and automate a website navigation and file downloading section for a team we support. The website has been recently updated and I am updating the BP process for it. I am having issues with trying...

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Chrome automation issues

Hello Team, I'm facing this issue after upgrading to 7.2.1 version. When we have two applications to run on chrome. First application/object launch works fine and when we are trying to launch second application via different object it is not launch...

Resolved! Run an application in Background mode

Hi All  I have been working with BP for 6 months now and have successfully written an object that interacts with an application called NITRO in the front end.  Nitro is a windows application and is used to merge documents into one document.  I have u...

RSHERRY by Staff
  • 3 replies

list of current schedules

Hi all, I'm looking for a way to get a list of schedules for a specified period of time.Is there a way to get a list of schedules for a given period? Thank you for all your help.------------------------------Mitsuko Asia/Tokyo------------------------...

sumire by Level 8
  • 5 replies

How do I send an image in an email body?

I've attached the image "Return Mail Image Header.png" as an attachment to the email. However, I want to show this image in the actual body of the email. I tried using CID in the body like this, but with no success. How can I accomplish this? Is ther...


Blue Prism Hub Plugin installation.

Hi all, I'm working on Blue Prism Hub and need OCR/ABBYY Plugin in my hub. Can someone please let me know, who is responsible for installation of Plugins in Blue Prism Hub?------------------------------Jitendra Singh Tanwar---------------------------...