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Expose Business Object web service to an external software

Level 2
A customer would like to know, if it€™s possible to acces Blue Prism processes with an external software by using web services. So, I tried to test this solution with code to invoke operation from a wsdl but I have this error : €œInner Exception is System.Xml.XmlException: Start element 'faultcode' from namespace '' expected. Found element 'soap:faultstring' from namespace ''. Line 1, position 306.€  Steps to test: Create a Business Object Add a page with an action, for exemple, I open notepad application and I write a text within. In Settings/Exposure : Expose the new Business Object created (you need a resource launched) At my localhost, I have my Web service (http://localhost:8181/ws/) I created a console application on Microsoft Visual Studio I added a new service reference on my project solution and I wrote the wsdl url (http://localhost:8181/ws/) In my main function, I initialized my new object added from the wsdl I specified one UserName and Password to login on my BluePrism instance. I invoke my operation described in step 2 I added security mode = TransportCredentialOnly and transport clientCredentialType =Basic in my App.config to respect BluePrism http connection You can find my wsdl in attachment.  

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Sharing the updated relevant link  here.

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