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Get CSV Text as Collection incorrect dates

Level 3


I've been using the Get CSV Text as Collection action from the Utility - BPC - File Management object. With date fields it is importing them with a day behind, as shown in the below screenshots

the dates within the actual csv file:


The dates imported into the collection:



As you can see the dates within the collection are all a day behind and also given a time of 23:00:00.

I also tried using the get worksheet as collection action within the MS Excel vbo but that also does not give the correct results:


as you can see based on the same csv file, for one of the rows it has switched the day and month around (from 01/05/2024 to 05/01/2024 ).

Can anyone explain why this is happening and what would be the best way to import so that the data is exactly how it is in the csv? Thanks


Hi rabbanir,

I would  suggest to try
1) Download the  latest  utility file management  from digital exchange

2) check the format of the column  by 
 Right click on the column> Format cell>  or CTRL + 1 ( Change the format  based on  what you are looking  some thing like dd/mm/yyyy....)


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Harish Mogulluri