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Get Table Data in Edge

Level 4
I have migrated one object from IE to Edge. When I am trying to fetch the data of the table by using Get Table Items, instead of getting the table row data, I am also getting the table header and unnecessary values like the row count etc.

Please find below the reference table for better understanding(this is not the real table on which I am working):

13448.png I am getting the data from the top i.e. search result to the page count below(14 >), but I only need the values below action.
I am not able to spy the table row elements individually. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sarthak Dhasmana
Systems Engineer,
Tata Consultancy Services

Thanks Dmitrij for the detailed explanation and for the object, I am able to move through different rows, but as per your object you are using Get Text for reading the value, is it possible to get the data row-wise in a collection. 

The second option which I am thinking is to convert the text to the collection by using string manipulation.

Sarthak Dhasmana

I am not sure if I understood you correctly.
Probably you want to get HTML Table row as Blueprism collection. I think that is not available in BP out of the box.
Either you can try and look in DX some parser that is converting HTML table into Datatable object, which is BP collection.
Or another workaround might be, that you can input web path of the table row (tr), not the table cell (td). Then read that full row value into text dataitem,  
As an output value, you should get space-separated values. 
Then you can split these values (using string split methods)and populate your defined collection, or use regex in order to extract each cell value.

Another alternative way could be to get HTML value of the row. And use regex to extract each cell value, as value will be separated now with HTML tags.

Kind regards,

Dmitrij Mamajev
Senior RPA Developer
Substorm AB
Gothenburg - Sweden
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