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Getting incorrect password using blue prism in Mainframe application

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Hi, i am getting an incorrect password error message using blue prism in mainframe application, but the same password i entered manually it is accepting. why it is happening that i don't know. actually this mainframe application is having two login windows one is System i sign on the other one is usual mainframe, i need to enter the system i sign on login then only can access mainframe application. Is there any problem if the password contains any special characters like "June_2016". i have uploaded screenshots what i am getting , please look into that and tell me what is the reason behind in the password or how to overcome in blue prism. Thank in advance

Level 3
I had an issue before sending the £ sign from BP into a mainframe, so other special characters may have the same problem

Level 5
Paul, Can you please tell us how you countered the issue? Did you change the password itself or made some other changes?

Level 7
Hi All, If you are using ""navigate stage"" to write the password having special characters,BP wont recognize the special characters. Kindly try using ""writer stage"". Regards, Ravinder Singh

Thank you Ravinder for the suggestion. I did do as you mentioned, but the password i sent was not accepted. I have to mention that, I am working with an old PICK db with a green screen.

Let me know if you have any insight into it. Thanks

Nanjunda Narasimhamurthy

Hi @NanjundaNarasim,

If you're interacting with a mainframe application, you're probably using Global Send Keys to submit your password, yes? If so, you have to remember that certain characters have a special meaning in Send Keys syntax (like + for SHIFT, ^ for CTRL and so on). So, if you send "1+1" by Global Send Keys, Blue Prism will actually send "1" followed by SHIFT-1, which is "!". 

If you're sending a literal string via Global Send Keys, you should first "sanitize" it to make sure any special characters are converted to regular characters. There's an action called Escape Sendkeys String in Utility - Strings that'll do it for you. Or, you can do it yourself using the rules in the BP documentation here: Send Keys Cheat Sheet. But why re-invent the wheel?

Hopefully, that will solve your problem.

Andrew Pascal