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Google Chrome - Oracle Cloud - Processing Delay/ Too Slow - Different Environment

Level 5

Hi All,

Could anyone help me to resolve the below concern?

Issue: Processing Delay in Different Environment.

  • We are trying to web automate the Oracle Cloud (Google Chrome) data
  • For the Dev environment, it is running smooth and fine. (Normally it takes around 7 to 10 minutes for completing 1 request)


  • But when we are trying UAT and PROD environment it is delaying the processing almost 5 to 6 X more time than the DEV environment. (Where PROD/UAT takes around 35 to 45 minutes to process one request)


  • Sorry, due to highly confidential data, I could not share any data.

Important Note:

  • We are using BP 7.1.
  • In DEV running Fine, UAT/PROD – To slow processing/ Delaying Process 5 to 6 X times
  • Web Automation – Using Google Chrome for automation. Automation - Oracle Cloud Data
  • We are using the same clone instance link for all environment
  • We used UIA mode in some places as HTML/Browser mode could not work.
  • We are using the same code for all environments.
  • All Env. are having same hardware/software configuration
  • We ran from the control room and interactive mode – both are delaying the processing
  • Machines are different - on/Prem vs cloud. Also, health check up done for machines, it's all good for both dev/QA


  • Navigate Oracle Cloud URL in Google Chrome and click on single sign-on.
  • Find the Report Name
  • Select Report Name
  • Pass the correct Parameters
  • Submit the request.
  • Extract the generated request number and store it in the queue.
  • Pass the generated request number in the portal and download the report.


Can someone help me to understand why it's delaying in other environments (except DEV)?

Malak Dudhia
Technical Lead -RPA
WonderBotz LLC


Hi Malak,

If the processes are exactly the same, certainly there is a big difference in the environment (Database size, network, vpn, etc).

I would start comparing creating a comparison table between the environment that would help to visualize the difference. 

Another type of comparison table that would be helpful is the time spent for each stage between production and dev. That way you can have a clue where the bottleneck is narrowing it down to the scope of the issue.

Hope this can help you.

Alex Oliveira