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Graph API | Delegated Access

Level 2

Hi,  I am getting below error while trying to authenticate delegated access using action Get Delegated Access Token in Blue Prism. Any suggestions?

Notes: The Tenant  ID and User ID are valid because I am using same Azure App with same tenant and user in Power Automate and Its failing in Blue Prism and Postman. Can some one suggest here?

{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"AADSTS50034: The user account ***** does not exist in the 07bef031-67e8-4f56-a63c-10a9f0466774 directory. To sign into this application, the account must be added to the directory. Trace ID: f46e2ac3-0d81-4b75-a060-99ad72c76d00 Correlation ID: f892eba9-fa5d-4dcb-b7c4-cc0e05e9e78f Timestamp: 2024-01-23 13:58:35Z","error_codes":[50034],"timestamp":"2024-01-23 13:58:35Z","trace_id":"f46e2ac3-0d81-4b75-a060-99ad72c76d00","correlation_id":"f892eba9-fa5d-4dcb-b7c4-cc0e05e9e78f","error_uri":""}

vinod ch



@vinod ch,

The issue here is that Microsoft Azure doesn't know the username you're passing in relative to the directory associated with ID 07bef031-67e8-4f56-a63c-10a9f0466774. That's why it's telling you the user needs to be added to that directory. Is the user an external user trying to log into your AD system? If so, they're likely not a real user but a guest user. You need to discuss this with your Azure admin to troubleshoot.


Eric Wilson
Director, Integrations and Enablement
Blue Prism Digital Exchange