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Is Edge WebDriver required for using Browser Automation Agent in Blue Prism V7.3?

Level 5

Hi BP community,

We are currently preparing to upgrade our Blue Prism version from V7.1.1 to V7.3. However, we do have some questions regarding the Browser Automation Agent (BAA) as it is now by default included in the Blue Prism Installer. We have the following two questions:

  • Do you need to have installed the Edge WebDriver for BAA to work or is it also possible to use it without this driver? Looking at the potential support headache (no auto update to stay in-sync with our Edge Chrome browser version) our preference would be to not having to use this driver. To add to this, support for JavaScript is not a requirement for us as we do not use the Insert and Invoke JaveScript actions.;

  • Before manifest V3 we used to use the Invoke JavaScript action for triggering change events when working with Web List items, but have since replaced this with UI and Send Key actions (not the most aesthetic solution, but it works). In the Release Notes of V7.2 we came across improvement BP-9120 (see below screenshot). Does this improvement imply that from V7.2 the triggering of change event by setting a value in a Web List is supported by the native Browser Extension? Or do you still need to use Invoke JavaScript to accomplish this and thus will need to install the Edge WebDriver?


Many thanks in advance!

With kind regards,

Arthur Philippa

Lead Developer

Port of Rotterdam


Level 11

I just wanted to officially add me as being interested in the first question.

I reviewed the installation guide for BP v7.3 and could not find the requirement for WebDriver. 

Also BP v7.3 seems to be incompatible with BAA?!

And there was no evaluation of Edge 111.x to 120.x with v7.3? At least the field is empty in the compatibility matrix while v7.2 was evaluated as well es Chrome with v7.3 but not Edge?! 

We are using Java injections and if WebDriver are required in v7.3 we have to align, organize and plan regular remote deployments of WebDriver and it would be good to know this requirement from the beginning.